How to remove Gel Nail Polish

     Your gel nail polish has been on for quite some time now and your ready for a new set of nails. Removing gel nail polish is not as hard or harsh as some may think. This may be done with using a nail drill or 100% acetone nail polish remover. 

  When using a nail drill gently go over the unwanted nail polish with a sanding band using your desired speed. The polish will begin to come off instantly and before you know it, you have removed all of the gel nail polish. 

  You may also use 100% acetone nail polish remover. Just pour a nice amount onto a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball onto your nail then wrap a slice of aluminum foil around the cotton ball and secure it tightly onto your finger. Be sure to wrap the foil tight enough to where the cotton ball is pressed down against the nail. 

  Unlike using a nail drill, when using acetone the removal process can be a bit more time consuming. 

  Have you tried one of the two methods we mentioned above to remove your Luv Jazury Gel Nail Polish. If so, then what was your experience like?

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As Always remember to "keep your nails healthy and beautiful." xoxo Luv

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