What is Polygel and how to use it.

 Many of you are wondering what is this new innovative nail product on the market called Polygel? In some cases it is also referred to as Acrylgel but well discuss that in another blog. As a supplier of the infamous Polygel, I Luv Jazury am going to share with you what Polygel is and why just about every nail lover is obsessed with it. 

 Polygel is a nail product with a thick gel consistency that can be applied over the finger nails as an overlay, to sculpt a full set of nails or as builder gel. Polygel is also often applied to the nails with dual nail forms. I recommend dual nail forms to beginners who are not yet fully comfortable with sculpting the nails. 

 Unlike acrylic nail powder Polygel is so much more easier to use because it does not set until you cure the nail product. This gives you so much more control over the product and the ability to create even more gorgeous nails. Polygel is light weight and as it is a gel formula the pigment can be a bit more brighter than acrylic powder. 

 How to use polygel...

 If you are doing a overlay or sculpting the finger nails you will begin by squeezing a dime size amount onto the nail. Depending on how long your nails will be you will apply more product. Once the polygel is on the nails dab your gel brush in 91% alcohol or slip solution. After dabbing your nail brush into the alcohol gently wipe it on a paper towel. Just as if you were working with acrylic nail liquid your nail brush should not be too wet. Make sure the nail brush is damp. Not too wet and not too dry. Then begin to gently pat the polygel while sculpting and shaping the nail. 

 Polygel takes a bit longer to cure than acrylic therefore I recommend that you allow a longer than longer drying time in the nail light. Also it is important that you turn your nails around and allow the back to cure also. After your nails are completely dry apply your favorite top coat. (I recommend Luv Jazury No Wipe Top Coat). Then Voila!!! You have a gorgeous set of Polygel nails. 


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