Whats So Good About Polygel?


   Many in the beauty industry who have never tried or experienced Polygel before are wondering whats so good about the new nail product. As many nails techs only stick to what they know there are several who have tried polygel and offer it to their clients. I Luv Jazury am going to share with you five amazing benefits of polygel that will instantly make you want to experience the nail product for yourself and become a polygel nail lover!

  •   Nail lovers adore Polygel so much because it does not set until you cure it. Unlike Acrylic Nail Powder polygel only becomes hard when you place your hand under the nail light. This means that you can take your time while working with the nail product and don't have to rush to get that perfect nail shape. 


  •   Polygel is much easier to use because you do not have to worry about a perfect liquid to powder ratio. Just make sure that your gel nail brush is not too damp with alcohol or slip solution. 


  •   Depending on your color choice the nail colors tend to be much more vibrant than Acrylic. As polygel is a gel formula, your nail sets depending upon experience may look a lot more sleek and vibrant compared to your acrylic nail sets.


  •   Polygel is not as time consuming to use as you do not have to put much into sculpting your nails. Just relax and take your time. Sculpt your nails as normal, go back in and add more product if you need to then place your hand into the nail light.


  •  And everyone's favorite is that there is no harsh smell!! Unlike Acrylic liquid polygel does not have a smell. The only thing that you may smell is the alcohol which is still not as strong as acrylic. 

  And there you have it five amazing benefits to using polygel and making gel nail extensions. To purchase glow in the dark or "Beautiful Nail Colors" just go to www.luvjazury.com

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