Foot Cream for Aching Feet

Foot Cream for Aching Feet

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 Your feet hurt!!! You work over 40 hours a week and you are tired of the aching pain😢.

Why live in torment another second? We here at Luv Jazury have created a Moisturizing Foot Cream that solves the problem in your feet 🦶. 

🌸 Our New Moisturizing Foot Cream heals dry aching feet by restoring moisture and reinvigorating your feet. 

 🌸 You will begin to relieve pain each time you apply our Sweet Mint Moisturizing Foot Cream. 

🌸 Directions: For best results use 2 times a day everyday. 

🌸 Apply the Luv Jazury Moisturizing Foot Cream in the morning on freshly washed and clean feet. 

🌸 Also apply at night before bed on freshly washed clean feet. 

 🌸 It is recommended that you exfoliate your feet before applying Our Sweet Mint Moisturizing Foot Cream for faster relief of foot pain. 

🌸 With Luv Jazury’s Moisturizing Foot Cream you will begin to enjoy life again as your feet no longer aches.

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