Polygel Buildergel Nail Supplies Luv Jazury
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Polygel Buildergel Nail Supplies Luv Jazury
Polygel Buildergel Nail Supplies Luv Jazury

Polygel Buildergel Nail Supplies Luv Jazury

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❤️For Licensed Professionals ONLY 

❤️Not Recommend for First Time Users‼️

🌸 Product: Acryl Gel/ Polygel

🌸 Use’s : Can be used to sculpt nails with nail forms, with dual nail forms, as builder gel, apply as a overlay or  with nail tips. 

🌸 Color: Black 

🌸 How to use: Squeeze a small amount of polygel onto nail tip/ nail form. Damp your nail brush into 91% alcohol then begin to sculpt the PolyGel into your desired shape. Allow the Poly Gel to cure for 90 seconds in a LED light or 2 minutes if using a UV lamp.

🌸 Nail Forms: if using nail forms apply a dime size amount into the nail form. Slightly damp brush into 91% alcohol and begin to shape Acryl Gel into nail form. Place nail form onto your finger nail slightly pressing down onto your nail. Remove any access Acryl Gel that may come out on the sides. Place nail into nail light and cure for 60 seconds with a LED Light  or 2 minutes if using a UV lamp.

💎Benefits: Luv Jazury’s Acryl Gel / polygel is long lasting💥

🌸 Polygel is easy to apply

🌸 Polygel has low odor 

🌸 Effortlessly  create gorgeous gel nail extensions✨

💎 Facts: Polygel/ Acrylgel gets just as hard as acrylic nail powder but is light weight on your fingertips. 

We recommed to use a LED Nail Light 

After properly prepping your nails use a base coat before applying polygel to create gel nail extensions 

💎 Luv Jazury’s Polygel can be soaked off with 100% acetone. 

You can combine colors when creating gel nail extensions 

Yes, you can use gel nail polish over polygel. 

For fast curing time do not build up too much product. 

🦋Gel nail extensions with polygel last over 4 weeks with proper application. 

Polygel can be used as a overlay 

Polygel/ Acrylgel May be used with either slip solution or alcohol 

💎 Most orders are received within 5 Business Days 💥

For more questions contact support@luvjazury.com

🌸 Size: 30 grams


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