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Beautiful Nail Color UV Gel Polish

Beautiful Nail Color UV Gel Polish

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💛 Soak Off Gel Nail Polish ✨

💛 This gorgeous gel color is a  Sunflower yellow🌼

💛 Have fun creating beautiful press on’s🌼

💛 Excellent pigment and consistency🌼

💛Can be used for 25-30 nail sets 🌼

💛Apply thin coats 🌼

💛No more than two coats are needed🌼

💛Cures in 45 seconds with a LED light and 2 minutes when using a uv nail light🌼

💛9 Toxin Free Formula🌼

💛 Long Lasting: With proper application gel polish manicures will last up to 14 days or more. There is no chipping or peeling of the polish.✨

💛 Perfect finish: Our beautiful and vibrant colors leaves a glossy finish. Add glamour to your hands.✨

Extra Nail Tips: 

💎Always use a nail dehydrator when working with Acrylic Nail Powder or Gel Polish.

💎Do not apply gel nail Polish to damaged or infected nails. 

💎Always avoid getting gel nail polish on skin and cuticle area. This process will prevent gel polish from lifting. 

💎Remember to cap the nail edge when applying gel polish. 

💎Always push back cuticles. 

💎Make sure your nails are 100% dry, oil free and clean before applying gel polish. 

💎When removing gel polish never file down to nail plate or scrape off old polish. 

💎Always apply cuticle oil after completing manicure or full set nails. 

💎Clean Gel from around the skin prior to curing. 

💎If you are sensitive to heat use a lower wattage nail light. 

💎Do not cure gel polish for too long or not long enough. Allow gel polish to cure for 45 seconds if using a LED light or 2 minutes if using a UV light. 

💅🏼Always apply thin even coats. 

💅🏼 All of our gel nail polish colors are vibrant. 

💅🏼Our gel nail polishes can be used with other professional nail brands. 

💅🏼Our gel nail polish does not weaken or damage your nails.

🔥 Nail Technicians LOVE us

🔥 Everyday women ADORE our Nail Products 

🌺 Size: 15 ML.